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St Pancras Welfare Trust

PO Box 51764

London NW1 1EA

Charity Number 261261

Purpose and Aims


The purpose of the Trust is to help residents living in the former Metropolitan Borough of St Pancras when faced with need or sickness and who have nowhere else to turn. The area of benefit lies within the heart of the London Borough of Camden and includes some of the most densely populated parts of the borough, many with high indicators of poverty and need. 


The most common request is to help people being re-housed - perhaps after years of living rough, living in a hostel or after leaving an institution.  They have no resources or possessions and their new homes are usually cold and bare. We help by making small grants in cash or vouchers to buy furniture, bedding and clothes. 


We also receive requests to help young mums and their children, the frail and elderly and those in need of respite. A separate trust, the Camelot Trust, supports holidays for disadvantaged young children.


During the year ending March 2015 the Trust received 120 eligible applications of which 113 were supported. A further 123 grants in the form of vouchers were made as part of our special Christmas/winter allocation to reach the neediest families when the pressure on budgets is most severe. Two applications for school journeys were supported with grants from the Camelot Trust, a separate charity managed by the Trustees. Two more applications from projects whose work complements the aims of the Trust were also supported.


The toal value of grants and awards was £33,052 and overall we helped 316 children and 264 adults.


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